Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently {November 2015}

Listening: I discovered this guy on Spotify and love his sound, very chill. 

Loving: Besides July, November is my most absolute favorite month! The smells, the food, the colors, the family time, the holiday break...just love it!

Thinking: I'll let the quote speak for itself.

Wanting: I sold my old sectional because it was way too big for my apartment and have just been using an armchair since. I've been putting off buying a smaller couch since I'm going to end up selling it again anyways but I miss being able to stretch out and cuddle with Chip! I really like this one. 

Needing: Work, work, work. All kinds of it. House work, school work, work out, homework, TpT and blog work... ahhh, too much work!

Yummy: My grandpa seriously makes the best pecan pie and he uses pecans from his own little orchard. Mmmm... I want some now! Nom, nom, nom! :)


  1. Destiny, I love the couch you are looking at. It looks nice and cozy. I hear you on the list of things that need to get done. Good luck with your to-do lists, I'm about to tackle mine now.

  2. Your currently hits the spot. That quote PREACH. The ecard. AMEN. November - LOVE. :) When husband isn't around I gotta listen to your song, your music choices never let me down ;)
    Texas Forever

  3. I have been putting stuff off for TWO WEEKS now, and since I woke up wide awake at 5am (thank you daylight savings time), I've decided today is the day to tackle some of my to do list.

    PS. you should buy the couch. chippy needs to cuddle his momma!

    LOVE YOU <3

  4. I think the more that we put on our list the less we want to do ANY of it! Good luck with getting some of that done and finding a couch. Love the pic you have above. :)

  5. Pecan pie sounds yum! I love that cute little arm chair!

    Teaching Autism

  6. That quote speaks to me. I've had to do that. Get a couch. Worry about selling it later. You need your Chip cuddles!

    Krazy Town

  7. I really like that couch! I also totally identify with the quote below it, lol.

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