Monday, November 9, 2015

Holidays Around the World Blog Hop

Buongiorno everyone!! 

I'm SO excited to be one of your stops on this journey around the world that we have planned for you!

In case you couldn't guess from my greeting, I'll be sharing some ideas about Christmas in Italy. 

Here are some great YouTube videos you can show to your class. 

I especially love the first one for the younger kiddos because it shows what Christmas in Italy is like through a child's eyes. 

(I also love that the little girl speaks in Italian. This year I've been teaching my students some of the phrases I've learned in my Italian class and they love it! After I explain directions and ask if they understand, they always respond with "Capisco!" which means "I understand." in Italian. Not to toot my own horn but I'm proud of myself for sparking their interest in foreign languages.)  

This one is much longer and probably better suited for the older kids but it gives a lot of great information.

This is the classic Italian story of a grumpy old woman who ends up becoming one of Italy's most beloved people. Keep reading to find a freebie that goes along with it.

After reading The Legend of Old Befana, I give my each of my students their own "broom." They are super easy to make- all you need are some Dum-Dums, brown paper bags (I just reused a grocery bag) and some sort of tie or ribbon. 

Just cut a piece of the bag off, slit the bottom and a little bit of the top, wrap it around the sucker and tie it. Presto! You have La Befana's broom!

I've also created this mini-unit that has a few fun activities to supplement your Holidays Around the World unit. It includes a reader, four sentence building cut and pastes, write the room, two differentiated writing papers and a word search. Click the picture to get yours!

Here's what you get in the freebie:

  • Two differentiated story sequencing pages (one for the littles who can just draw pictures and one for more advanced who can write). 
  • Two differentiated "My favorite part" writing prompt pages (one with a sentence starter and one without).
  • Two grammar sorts (nouns/adjectives and singular/plural).

Click the picture to download your freebie!

I hope you had un grande momento (a great time) in Italy! You have many other destinations waiting for you though so you must be on your way. Check out all the other countries that are waiting for you!

We've also included a FREE passport for you to use in addition to all the great materials you've found along your journey. Click the passport below to grab the Italy page and make sure to download each passport page from the other countries. You can find the passport cover HERE

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

SNAP! My School Pictures {Linky}

I'm linking up with my bloggy BFF Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for this fun little linky.

First of all, I HATE having my picture taken. Just hate it. Most of the time I make silly faces when I take pictures and needless to say, I can't really do that in school pictures (although, I may do just that next year- may even start a trend). 

We haven't gotten this year's photos back yet so I'll share a couple from past years. 

(PS- I'm not brave enough to share grade school pictures like Stephanie did. I'll spare you the horror. LOL.)

This was last year...

And 2012-2013... (sorry for all the glare)

Your turn! Go link up with Stephanie and share your school pics! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Pinterest Pick 3 {November}

I missed the September edition of Pinterest Pick 3 (and lots of other linkys) due to a busy schedule but since November is my second favorite month I couldn't miss this one! 

One of our student expectations for math this nine weeks is being able to represent a number in multiple ways. Um, how perfect is this for that SE??

I always do a family turkey in disguise project. Last year I got some cute ones; I'm looking forward to what ideas my students have this year.

I tried this for the first time last year and it was a hit so I thought I share it with you. Super easy to make and so many activities to compliment it: how-to writing, how many liked/didn't like graph, etc.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently {November 2015}

Listening: I discovered this guy on Spotify and love his sound, very chill. 

Loving: Besides July, November is my most absolute favorite month! The smells, the food, the colors, the family time, the holiday break...just love it!

Thinking: I'll let the quote speak for itself.

Wanting: I sold my old sectional because it was way too big for my apartment and have just been using an armchair since. I've been putting off buying a smaller couch since I'm going to end up selling it again anyways but I miss being able to stretch out and cuddle with Chip! I really like this one. 

Needing: Work, work, work. All kinds of it. House work, school work, work out, homework, TpT and blog work... ahhh, too much work!

Yummy: My grandpa seriously makes the best pecan pie and he uses pecans from his own little orchard. Mmmm... I want some now! Nom, nom, nom! :)