Saturday, August 1, 2015

Currently {August 2015}

Currently August?! What? Summer was actually going by pretty slowly for me until the last couple of weeks and now all of a sudden, BAM! Life moves fast doesn't it, folks?


I just joined Spotify a few days ago and am wondering why it took me so long! I’m obsessed! I’m discovering so many types of music I never knew I liked. You can find me {here}!


Not gonna lie, I was scared at first….but I’ve only been in my 30’s for 11 days and so far they have been awesome! Not to say there haven’t been moments of bad luck (hello huge crack in my windshield that I had to get replaced but thankfully had a $0 deductible), but I have had this awakening and newfound look on life that is an amazing feeling!


That awakening I just mentioned? I truly believe God has a reason for everything He does and He recently put someone in my life that has given me more inspiration and encouragement to turn my dreams into reality in two weeks than anyone has in my entire life.  I have a serious case of wanderlust but now I’m actually taking steps to fulfill my desire to see the world.


Those world travels I just mentioned? Well, I’m going to need to document them and I’m certainly NOT going to rely on my iPhone to do it. If you have suggestions/tips/preferences for DSLR cameras (since I know ZERO about them) please let me know! I did go to Precision Camera and they suggested the Canon T5 or Nikon 5100…anyone use either of those?


I love my job y’all. But all the big plans I have for myself have me thinking “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna.” about going back to work. So I’m having a harder time than usual getting my mind back into school gear. But I know I have a fresh new group of kiddos who will need me and that helps.


This year I'm planning on teaching about and giving my students more opportunities to show random acts of kindness,so I'm excited about this! For back to school, maybe having my class create welcome back cards for another class? I'm still working out all the details!


  1. 30 definitely in the new 20! Now is the time to travel, just like you want :) Do it up girl! #yolo #didireallyjusthashtagyolo

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm also a July baby-which is clearly the best month to have a birthday! ;) Have a great school year!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  3. Happy Birthday!! I also listened to anything on Spotify including children's music. Have a great day!!

    Jasmine :)

  4. Happy birthday! I have a Canon. I think it really comes down to which feels best in your hands.

    Fun in Fourth

  5. I want to travel!!! I at least need to travel to Austin so I can try all these food places while I'm prego.

    Also, be prepared for ridiculous live music invites to all ages places once Gunner is here. I need a show bad in my life right now.
    I still want to go to dinner/lunch/breakfast for your birthday! Haha.


  6. Your 30's are the times to live and explore! You need to listen to your heart and follow your dreams :)

  7. Hey Destiny!

    What's your first step in your traveling plans? Also, I saw some good DSLRs on sale on Amazong! Happy I found your blog!