Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently {April 2015}

I didn't even realize it was a new month and time for a new Currently until I was scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed and saw everyone's posts! As my grandpa likes to say when something surprises him..."Well, blow me backwards!" Yup, I was totally taken by surprise. Grad school and school-school plus some personal things have kept my mind on information overload!

Listening: When I bought my iPad last summer I got a $50 iTunes gift card and am just now getting around to actually downloading some music. Of course since I'm a Texas gal, most of the songs I bought were Texas country. Some Reckless Kelly, Whiskey Meyers, Cody Johnson, Josh Abbott just to name a few. Can't wait to see some of these bands live this summer!

Loving: Y'all know I love ATX but I have to say again how awesome this city really is! I'm constantly finding new places to explore or places to eat or festivals to check out. This past weekend I went to the Zilker Garden Festival at the Botanical Gardens and had coffee at this AMAZING coffee shop on the lake called Mozart's. I also took Chip to the Greenbelt...see below for more on THAT experience.

 It's ok if you're a little jealous of my town. :)

Thinking: "I hope this is going to be worth it." "OMG, how much reading is she going to assign?!?" "10 pages!? Ahhh!!" "What was I thinking getting my master's degree??" Yeah, those are a few thoughts I've been thinking these last few weeks. I'm truly enjoying one of my classes but the instructor seems to think we are full-time college students and not full-time teachers at the same time so she assigns SO MUCH reading EVERY week. I haven't started any of my specialization courses but I know when I do I'll feel a little better about it all, but right now I'm kind of looking forward to the semester being over...Ok that's my soapbox rant for the day! :) 

Wanting: This seems like a simple thing but I'm not one of those girls that gets regular manicures or pedicures, I just do them myself. But the few times I've actually gotten them done professionally it was so nice and relaxing! So I plan on making an appointment soon! Hello sandal toes! 

So many options! Which do you like best?

Needing: As mentioned above, I took a hike last weekend in the Greenbelt, which is this really pretty, woodsy area of Austin. I took Chip with me, sort of on a dare to myself, because he's not, um, how do I say this nicely without sounding like I'm talking smack about my dog...that greatest in social situations. Sure enough, not 15 minutes in, he got all up in another dog's business and the next thing I know dogs are rolling all over place and people are screaming and dogs are growling... it was bad. And I was super embarassed. So I did some research and doggie boot camp this summer it is! Not cheap but it'll be worth it.

EGGS-splain your name: My blog name is kind of obvious and I don't really have any nicknames but since my name is a little unique I occasionally get the sarcastic remark when I tell people what it is. Mostly from the male species. Yes, it's really name, do I need to show you my driver's license? No, I am not YOUR destiny and no I am not Destiny's child and no I am not a dancer of the exotic nature... I've learned to laugh it off though (while inwardly rolling my eyes). Why didn't my mom name me something normal, like Jessica or Elizabeth?? 

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Happy Spring y'all!