Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pinterest Pick 3 {March}

Is it just me, or was February the. longest. month. ever?? I know it's literally the shortest month, but in school years I feel like it drags on because there are no holidays! There's always a light at the end of the tunnel though, and the end of February means the beginning of March which mean spring break is just TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! Can I get a PTL?!

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day so you know this Texas teacher will be going all out for our Texas unit. Of course we'll be talking about armadillos. I love this activity because it incorporates interactive writing and a (gasp!) fun craft. 

March 2nd is ALSO Dr. Seuss' birthday! I've never been a fan that these two holidays are on the exact same day...makes for a really super crazy busy week! I love using food in the classroom, especially if it encourages healthy eating habits (the marshmallows aren't so much but you gotta pick your battles). I do this treat every year. Parent volunteers people. Put them to work! ;)

We'll be on Spring Break (!!!) for St. Patrick's day but I'll be sending my kiddos off on Friday with this cute little gift. I don't like to give candy very often but I think it's ok every once in a while. :) 

I leave you with this little funny. Can you tell I can't wait for Spring Break!? 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently {March 2015}

Well, hello March. It seems you took your sweet little time getting here! So glad you joined us! (Is it weird that I'm talking to a month of the year like it's a person? Probably, but like Dr. Seuss said, we're all a little weird.) :)

Listening: Everyone's over here like "Taylor Swift!" and I'm all like, "Adam Levine!" Seriously, who doesn't want to just break out and dance when you hear Sugar or Jagger or Maps?! (I frequently have dance parties while driving...). PS- If you don't have the album, and still like to buy actual CD's, Target has a Cartwheel deal for it now! So go get it and dance your little heart out!

Loving: Need I say more about this y'all??

Thinking: About what I'm going to do next school year. I'm not going to go into much detail so I'll just say I've been contemplating many different options and I'm still nowhere closer to making a decision.  I'm the type of person that likes to have a plan- the fact that I don't have a plan and that time is running out to make a plan is stressful for me. So I'm trying to keep this in mind.

Wanting: After doing really, really well on Whole 30 for about 20 days, I sadly crashed and burned, caving to that brightly glowing orange W-- (for you non-Texans, I'm referring to Whataburger) and pitifully blaming my failure on that stress I mentioned above. I might not have completed a whole round, but I did see a difference in how I felt during those 20 days. Before I attempt a new round, I want to be better prepared. These cookbooks and such will no doubt help me be more successful next time.

Needing: Now that I'm in grad school I have twice as much responsibility on my plate than normal. Throw in blogging and TpT creating and spending time with family and my dog and my brain starts spinning with everything I need to accomplish. It's forced me to be more efficient with my time but I still find myself in moments like this.

Spring Break Plans: As far as actual plans go, I hope to be on the Comal or Guadalupe River at one point with some of my awesome blogging buddies.  Explore Austin. Visit family. Play with the pup. I plan on hope to get ahead on lesson plans and grad school work. Kinda boring, I know, but boring is sometimes exactly what I need. 

Now I'm off to be productive and what not... ;)