Friday, January 9, 2015

Five for Friday

First week back from Christmas break- done! Overall, it went pretty well. I was hoping that second semester "light bulb effect" would kick in and it did for some of my kiddos, so that's definitely a positive! 

It's Friday so that means.....

Here are my five highlights of the week.

Let me give you some background info on this email... Our school lets a few kids give appreciations at morning assembly each day. They tell who they appreciate and why. Kindergarten finally got a chance on Monday and one of my little gals (who was very shy at the beginning of the year) got up and said "I appreciate Ms. Christian for teaching me how to read." Be still my teaching heart! So sweet. This is why I teach and work so hard. It was the perfect way to start the week. 

Math was all about coins this week. I found this  coin sort and my original intent was for the kids to just cut, mix, sort and glue on manila paper. As they were cutting I felt that wasn't very rigorous and WAS really boring. I love flip books so I quickly cut some and this lesson turned out to be one of the most engaging ones for my students this year. And we all know that students process and remember content better when they write. Simple but a success.

We wasted no time getting back into the guided reading groove. I love this interactive notebook from The Therapeutic Teacher. Many of my students are still struggling with their sight words so I try to use as many different methods as I can to keep them engaged.

I use a clip chart behavior system and supplement it with these gold tickets. They get a certain amount of tickets (or have to give me a certain amount back) depending on which color they are on at the end of the day. On Fridays they "buy" prizes with their tickets. This particular little girl is one of my lower students who couldn't count to 10 with correct one-to-one correspondence before the break. She wanted to buy some stickers worth 15 tickets and successfully counted out her tickets to me with no help! Light bulb moment! 

And last, but most certainly not least... How 'bout them Cowboys!! If you know me personally, or follow me on IG, you know I'm a crazy, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and I was pretty much walking around like this all Sunday afternoon. Hoping for that feeling again this Sunday against the Pack. 

One more week then a 3 day weekend!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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