Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wedneday {linky}

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Alright class, raise your hand if this word makes you cringe at just the sight or mere whisper of it?

(Both of my arms are raised and waving wildly in the air.)
After seeing all the superfreakinamazing pictures of Vegas I'm determined to get myself there next year. I'm a teacher though, so I spend (my loads of) money every now and then at the Dollar Tree or Teacher Heaven...
My question to you is...have you found a budgeting plan that has been realistic and successful for you? Do you have any other tips for saving money? Leave a comment below!


  1. Attending the TPT conference is on my list too! All these pictures are making me inspired!

    My bank takes out a set amount every direct deposit and shifts it into a savings account. I don't have the account tied into my online banking so I never see it. This helps me forget that it's there and I save money that way. The money is directly taken from my paycheck so I don't ever see it. This has truly helped me. Maybe your bank offers a similar service?
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

    1. Mine does that too but I see it next to my checking account and always transfer it right back when I come up with some excuse! Maybe I could ask them to hide it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I just knew you would be writing a blog post about this so I was watching your blog! ;)

    I spent WAY.TOO.MUCH.MONEY. this past school year on my kids. I felt like I was giving my money to them and hardly enjoying it for myself. For instance, buying that shirt when I need ______.

    This year I am going to allot myself to X amount of money a month for school INCLUDING TPT clipart.
    If I have extra left over, that will roll over to the next month. Any profits on TPT increases my limit.

    I'll see how it goes! I'm making an organizer for this too keep me accountable. I can send it your way when I finish! :)


    1. Isn't that a classic characteristic of a teacher?? Always spending more $$ on school than herself/himself? I love your idea, my problem is holding myself accountable :-/ Can't wait to see your organizer, hopefully that will help me out!! Vegas here we come! ;-)

  3. I haven't yet found that perfect nitch of saving money :(

    I spent WAY to much on my classroom last year as a first year teacher, and now I'm going to 3rd and I am hoping I won't be spending so much on "cutesy" things!!

    But yes, I WILL find a way to Vegas next year too!! We should find some way to hold each other and other teachers accountable and on a budget :)

    Hopefully profit from TPT continues as well as some other creative side businesses!! Teacher struggles ;)

    Mrs. Thomas's Class

    1. The first year is the WORST! It'll be better from now on though, unless you're one of those teachers who changes their theme every year (I wish!). We can do this! :)