Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet Me Monday Linky!

I discovered this "Meet Me Monday" linky from Christina over at Sugar and Spice who linked up with The Teaching Tribune.


So for this lil' linky party we have to share 3 things our readers probably wouldn't know about us. I'm never good at thinking of these things y'all! It's like my brain immediately freezes when someone asks me "What's something I wouldn't know about you?" or "Tell me something unique or interesting about yourself."............ <---That's what my brain does. Goes blank. But here goes!

Whew, that wasn't as bad as I thought! Thanks for stopping by and learning a little about me! Make sure to go by The Teaching Tribune to link up. Just click the button!

1 comment:

  1. So fun!!
    I have an older brother but I still struggle to share my mom with him. Haha!
    I hope you absolutely love Austin!! I lived there for 6 years. Enjoy! :)