Saturday, May 24, 2014

Field Day fun!

Yesterday was Field Day! Wow, was I tired when I got home! Aside from an hour for lunch it was non-stop competitive craziness! Nine of my student's parents came to watch/help- that was the most I've had the last 3 years. 

One of the highlights of my day was the super fun tutu I wore. My insanely awesome, fun, silly friend Emma (who teaches 3rd) and I made them just for Field Day- we definitely stood out in the sea of kiddos and parents! 

How flippin' cute are we?!?

Our school had a sno-cone truck come for the day. After lunch we all relaxed for a bit eating our sno-cones- the result was the colorful tongues you see here! We love being silly!

I thought it was cool you got a lei with your sno-cone. The boys weren't as impressed but the girls got creative with theirs!

8 days until summer!

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